Friday, February 12, 2010

Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine Tutorial

Hmm now how about learning how to use Cheat Engine eh ?
No effect actually..

Only Image Hack and speedhack..

First you can Download the newest cheat engine at HERE

for the special Cheat Engine that can edit sleeptime ( Version 5.4 )
Download HERE

Then start your Ragnarok Client..
and start your cheat engine..

Click the top left picture ( Computer pic )
Then it will pop up some process of your computer.
Choose your Ragnarok Client at the List and click inject button

How to Speedhack ?

First Check the Speedhack at the right side then Change the speed that you desire.. i suggest 10

And how to change your zeny ammount ? ( only image hack )
First Put the value of your zeny to the Value Form..
and click the first scan button..

you should get some value of your zeny right now..
go to the tool shop and buy an item..

then see the amount of your zeny now..

Search it at the list on the left side..
Click it the value spawn below the address list..
and click 2 times the address..

Change to the value that you want..
And click ctrl + V : 2 times
and see now your zeny has been changed.. LOL

6 komentar:

martyvaine08 said...

i cant do the last step..where can i change the value and to press ctrl+v?

Anonymous said...

dude the thing kept saying error while opening.... i already did all those steps!! helppp

Gery said...

kk pake bhs indonesia aj gpp koq.. lol wkwkwkwk

Dylan said...

@marty change value just click the memory at bottom 2 times then change manually :p

@anoymous maybe stuck with your antivir :o

@Gery :P

Anonymous said...

do it will last forever?? or just in a few seconds , and when logged out in comes back to the same?

emenkz said...

gmn sih caranya om??

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