Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How to make guild emblem ?

If you're reluctant and only want to download it searching on google

If you want to learn how to make it yourself follow this steps

1. You must have Adobe Photoshop / Firework to adjust the pixel of the emblem you want to make

2. Open the program ( firework / photoshop ) an adjust it 24x24 pixel

3. And create the emblem with that size and save it as .bmp files
or if the program doesnt't support the .bmp file save , save it with .jpg instead..
And open it with paint program then save again with .bmp files..

4. Copy the emblem you've make ( .bmp ) to your Ragnarok Client Folder ( Gravity/Ragnarok/Emblem ) If the folder doesn't exist just make it

5. Then login to your Ragnarok Online.. And see your guild ( Alt + G ) With the master of guild's character then choose the emblem..
It's should be chooseable now and just click it !


How to make emblem with the transperant background ?
Simply open your firework , then choose the transparent background and change the BG COLOR with this hex : Red:255/Green:0/Blue:255.

Happy Ragnarok !


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Anonymous said...

nice !

Blitzkrieg said...

how about in GIMP?
can i create a Guild Emblem Using GIMP?

Anonymous said...

cool....I tried it on adobe illustrator and it work

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