Thursday, February 4, 2010

How to make rPE filter ?

First You need to have the skill table to know the hex of the skill.....

Skill table download >> HERE <<

rPE Program download >> HERE <<

And Download the filter >> HERE <<

After you Download the skill table and rPE and the filter

First I will teach You how to Run the rPE spamming ( If you known oleady how it's work just skip )

Do this step by step

1. Run rPE Program ( dont worry if your antivirus detected is as virus dont delete it or move it to vault coz actually its dont contain any virus but
Some antivirus like AVG detected Javascript , C++ or delphi that not encrypted as a virus so dont be worry it's guaranteed 100% no virus )

2. Run your RO Client ( not working if your RO server has put the anti rPE.Choose RO with no rPE Guard )

3. At rPE window choose Select Process > Open Process. Choose Your Ragnarok Client then Inject

4. Then Choose Extras > Filter > Custom Filter.Then it will run a Pop Up ( Custom Filter table )

5. At Custom filter window choose File > Load > Choose the DS filter that you downloaded then see the code first

look at (pos('002E00',CurHex) 002E00 is the hex of Double Strafe

then for i := 0 to 70 do , Its mean how much packet do you send.. I think 0 to 300 is the best.But you choose the decision... lol...

then sleep(0) just make this to 0

6. Press Build.Then at rPE window click the Active Custom Filter button... Now your RO Client is oleady at DS spam ( if you use DS to a monster click 1 time it will do 10 times DS so just use the DS 1 times dont do more Or You Will be DC from server coz to much packet sended)


Now it's How to make an rPE filter... back to
(pos('002E00',CurHex) We Know oleady that this is the hex of DS right ??
If you want to make a new filter do this Step by Step

1. Open the skill table then choose the skill ( ex : you want to make fire Bolt filter :

19 MG_FIREBOLT Fire Bolt... First take the 19 code then open rPE... put the 19 in the dez then see The Hex will be changed to 13 right ??

Then the Hex of Fire Bolt is 001300 ( if the hex is 2 alphanumerics just put 2 zero before and after it ex : 3A = 003A00 )
If it's 3 Alphanumerics ex 170 will be 007001 or 171 will be 007101

2. Choose Extras > Filter > Custom Filter.

3. Then open the DS spamming Filter the see (pos('002E00',CurHex) change to (pos('001300',CurHex)
Then change the "for i := 0 to 70 do" change to "for i := 0 to 300 do"
Then sleep(0) make sure it's 0 so it wont required any delay

4. Choose File > Save.Save As Fire Bolt.rPE ( you dont need to type the ".rPE" coz it's only the extension so the file name is "Fire Bolt" )

5. Then do again like how to inject to RO then custom filter and load then load the filter you have made then build and active custom filter then use Fire Bolt and it's will be working... if you want to make another filter just do the step by step again

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Anonymous said...

please, can you put the skill table and such on MegaUpload or other, because the forum is restrictive...

Thank you :)

Dylan said...

hmm register to the forum just only take several minute.. haha

if you're reluctant to register , try googlin' it.. easy to find..

Anonymous said...

zzz,can you please help me?i always get dc on use.whether i used 0 to 300 or 0 to 100 also dc
i cant spam sb.can you post a tighter tut regarding the "for i := (x) to (x) and "sleep(0) part.pls and thanks.i really need it to kick 1 guy's stucked up ass in my server.

Dylan said...

hi !

thanks for comment

for 0 to x mean the packet sended when you use the sonic blow skill, it's the times of sonic blow..

0 to 300 mean 10 times..

how to count ? divide x by 30


sleep(0) it's the delay of the sonic blow.. if you put 0 means no delay..

there's 2 prombability why you're disconnected from server :

1. Your server has an Anti rPE Security

2. You click the Sonic Blow on the enemy more than one time..

Dylan said...

skill table link changed.. you don't need to register :)

rpe link fixed.. you don't need to wait 120 sec :)

Anonymous said...

can you help me script out a sonic blow filter please?because i really know nuts about it =( i'm playing on a 99/70 high rate(not super high) you think you can help me script out some nice filters?or just this Sonic Blow filter and send it to my msn really appreciate all you tuts and help =)

Dylan said...

Thanks for the notify..

see the blog's archives > rPE tutorial.. and download rpe there.. i've put a lot of filters there

Anonymous said...

hi dylan,i think i just suck in this rpe thing.can i just ask,if you are able to get the "chicken" or "mermaid" sprite that enables 0 delay also?thanks so much !

Dylan said...

uhh i'm confuse fron your question.. can you be more spesific ?

i mean what's the connection of the "mermaid" sprite with enable 0 delay ?

Anonymous said...

i tried to download the rpe filter collection, but the file isnt there anymore (removed?)

btw, thanks for the tutorial like this!

Dylan said...

Fine to me.. all file find :o

ian said...

ei sir? can u post something on how to duplicate items using WPE/RPE? or how to send packets with the same time?

Anonymous said...

hi dylan!! can u post guide in duplicating items in VANRO using RPE? if u dont mind.... it would be a real help sir.... just send it to me at
thank you for reading....

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan,

Thanks for the guide but would be possible if you can send me a guide to duplicate item in RO using RPE...please send it to

Anonymous said...

how to make maya purple filter with rpe?

Dylan said...

No Duplicate Item in RO :D

Maya Filter not working anymore after ep 12

isko said...

You sad that 3A=003A00

and 170=007001

what about this one 1E5=????

Anonymous said...

guys pls post ligthning spear of ice by ninja skill... tnx in advance

Anonymous said...

do you have maya purple filter? can share pls?

Anonymous said...

new filter plss. post link! thanks

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