Thursday, February 4, 2010

Redox Packet Editor ( rPE )

rPE ( rEdox Packet Editor )

First to download Click >> HERE <<

Now After you Downloaded it , Extract it.. After that open your RO Client
Then open the Redox Packet Editor ( Skull Icon ) Then Click> Open Processes > Choose your RO Client ( keep the parameter blank)

Your RO Client's name will be added at the top of rPE window
Back to rPE with Alt + Tab

Choose Extras > Filter > Custom Filter
There will be a window with some codes poped-up
Choose File > Load.At the rPE folder you extract choose skill you want to spam
After you open it Click build
Back to your RO Client and Login

Try the skill you just load ( 1 click to the monster or player = 10 times you use the skill )

10 komentar:

Anonymous said...

it doesnt work.

Anonymous said...

how to use this really can we have a full guide?

nagz said...

it doesnt work...can u post a FULL guide of using it?

Anonymous said...

please can u you give us a guide with a picture idol

Anonymous said...

i download the rpe and i set but is not working how to work the rpe plzz tell me or send me a rpe set up tnx ^_^

Anonymous said...

how to extract it ? can show the picture ? thanks=)

Dylan said...

rPE dont work again with skill that have delay after ep 12 thx

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

it is working... change the packet 220 to 300 for me... btw i am having troubles in activating my RPE at home... when i am activating it my RO is not responding... i can do it well in shop but in my laptop no... this is Windows Vista i hope you can help me..

Anonymous said...

i will try to use this

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