Friday, February 5, 2010

Some NPC Script for eAthena


Newest Warp

NPC With complete Dungeon, Field , Towns and added feature last warper :
Download at Here

Last Man Standing Event NPC v.3

-New game map ( rwc03 )
-Run every 3 Hours
-Banker won't ask the winner's name anymore ( The Name is now on auto announce )
-Announcing if only 2 are left on the game
-Removed Checker NPC
-Added auto announce when you die ( It will announce like this , example ( eniaM Died and is out of the Game )
-When the killer get's 4 kills the NPC will announce this ( eniaM Has 4 Consecutive Kills and he will get a reward )
-Party are now disabled there
-Cloacking , Hiding , Chase Walk are now disabled ( Guide to make it disable to the event )
-Prize is Cashpoints ( edit it )
-Novice and Baby LMS are disabled ( If you want it post here )

Installation :
copy this lines to skill_nocast_db.txt (db folder)
51,32 // Hide
389,32 // Chase Walk
135,32 // Cloack

Download Here

One Click Healer ( 100% Heal just click no Conversation )
Click the NPC and 100% Heal
Download Here

Reset NPC ( Stat / Skill or both )
to reset stats or skill point
Download Here

PVP Ultimate Warper
PVP Warper ( all room ex : nightmare , etc )
Download Here

Job Master
To change job without quest
Download Here

Mail NPC
To mail to other player
Download Here


copy paste the script to ragnarok/npc/other ( server side )

then open scripts_athena.conf
then add line like this :

npc: npc/other/nameoffile.txt

example :
npc: npc/other/healer.txt

Just coments !!


19 komentar:

Anonymous said...

hello there,

i need some npc, which can trade example :
jellopy, poring card, into an apple.

can you please make the script?

thank you so much

Anonymous said...

Hey how to hack into the game and aquire the items through scripting need help or any way to make any other changes in the game through scripting ;)help if u can

Anonymous said...

thank you

Anonymous said...

and i also want to know how to do item scripting like making an item

Dylan said...

[Hey how to hack into the game and aquire the items through scripting need help or any way to make any other changes in the game through scripting ;)help if u can]



[and i also want to know how to do item scripting like making an item]

Quest script you mean ?


[thank you]

You're welcome

Anonymous said...

do you have a quest script for baphomet horns? and satan morroc

Anonymous said...

Lms npc doesn't worked in my raganrok offline server please help

Dylan said...

@^ Make la it's so easy :D

Rexaur Zurich said...

Requesting NPC script.

NPC will dissapear and respawn in a different map if no players talked to him in 1 hour, and after each conversation.
Location: May appear in: Alberta, Einbech, Einbroch, Geffen; with random xy.

NPC: Linggel

message: tells the player of the ingredients ( 1 Golden Anvil & 10 Emperiums )

action: check if the player has all the ingredients; trade ingredients with 1 Emperium Anvil.

Please help, thank you!

Anonymous said...

do you think you can post the script for the refiner? and maybe just explain what the non-obvious lines do? that would be so helpful! thanks

Anonymous said...

erm where should i put my npc warper in eathena folder

Dylan said...

@refiner : search in npc/merchants/refiner.txt
@warper : put in npc/custom

then at script_custom.conf
add line
npc: npc/custom/warper.txt

Anonymous said...

HI Do u have any SERVER that u OWN?? if u do.. can u make me GM pls :D thnx! and OH.. do u know how to cheat in dreamer RO?? my acc has been permanently banned and i want to be rich again.. pls help me.. and oh.. can u teach me how to copy donation items?? email me pls.. [thanks]

Anonymous said...

Do U Have Npc Reborn??I mean `like MuOnline

Anonymous said...

anyone who know how to make a wing and script
or any costume item and costume item script make a video please and upload in youtube or teach me

joremar said...

how can i add some NPC that sell Card From A to Z?
and some +100 refiners?

Anonymous said...

hello. can i ask for a outline script, about linked Quest NPC's, like first quest on pront, then the quest tells you to go to izlude for the second stage of the quest. like that. Please, tell me, pm me @ thanks

Anonymous said...

how to put the disable skill code to the skill nocast db? il just copy paste that ? without any adding words? or letter?

Anonymous said...

Hi thar!(hala sesama orang indo ngertilah)
mau nambahin item d NPC pet groomer wad tambahan makanan pet gimana ya?

ID itemnya : ID# 6110 (vital flower) 자스민

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